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Cash Control – What Is The Cash Control Event All About?


There has been alot of attention in the last few days paid to an even known as Cash Control, but what is it really all about?  That is what this review will be all about.

First, make sure to register now, as spots will be limited.  Register by clicking the link below right now.

To begin with, Cash Control for networkers, is a live webinar, taking place on 16 January, featuring an outstanding lineup of trainers, including: Andrew J. Cass, Ann Sieg, Mark Hoverson, Aaron Rashkin, Ferny Ceballos, Raymond Fong, and Tim Sales, so some of the top producers and earners in various opportunities, coupled with others who have branded, unique products specifically tailored to meeting needs of those in the network marketing industry. (Take a look at the lined below)

Cash Control

Cash Control

Each of these people has had an absolute record breaking year on 2011.

Covered in the webinar as the following information:

- The one big reason that Networkers never achieve their business goals, and no, it has nothing to do with lead generation, or anything like that.

- 5 bold network marketing predictions by this panel of experts for 2012

- The three pillars of what makes a successful network marketing business

- A six step formula for achieving your goals in 2012

Now, specifically the three pillars of success they mention are:

- Productivity- Largely based off of Andres J Cass’s “Productivity Triggers For Today’s High-Performance Network Marketer” training program, this is largely a lesson on time management, eliminating distraction, and squeezing more productivity out of your day

- Profits – Is a lesson on how to engage with prospects through direct response marketing and sell with less resistance.

- Power – This is really the leadership component of the pillars, where once you have the first two established, you can drill down and become a person of influence in your business.

Register for the webinar to find out more about each of those in detail during the actual webinar

The webinar itself is designed as a prelude the actual Cash Control training dubbed: Cash Control for networkers

Cash Control For Networkers

This is a six week intensive coaching program broken down into three phases, based upon the three pillars:

-Productivity: Week 1

- Profits: Weeks 2-4

- Power: Weeks 5-6

This is capped off by a LIVE ‘CASH CONTROL Implementation Boot Camp in Miami Florida taking place after the actual event.

Remember, register for the live webinar right now while registration is still open, by clicking the link below right now

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Let me take you back a couple years here…
Back when I started marketing my MLM business online,  or the business at all for that matter, what most people were recommending was to spend tons of ca’sh to get your business
in front of potential buyers.
You name it, paid traffic from search engines, hosting events in our house (and usually spending $100 a pop for each one
for “stuff” there), taking people to events, buying leads, you name it.
I’ll be honest, it got really really expensive. It almost drove me bankrupt in fact.
That’s when I decided to invest a little bit of time in my business for the long run, and stop paying an arm and a leg to get my business in front of potential business builders.
Check out how 21,037 MLM buyers looked at one of my sites in 30 days for fr’ee in the image below.
SEO Networker Info
How did it happen?
Social Media?
Sending out emails to lists?
Buying Traffic?
Nope, Search Engine Optimization.  And tha’ts just from one of my many MLM sites I own and operate.
Check out the image below to see exactly where the ML’M buyer traffic came from
seo networker info 2
Did I pay for that traffic?  Nope, not a dime in fact.
Honestly, at this point I spend maybe 3-4 hours a month on that site, and it continues to grow each month…all garnering free traffic and
leads for me on auto-pilot.
I completely believe this is the best long term way to build your business online, using the internet, hands down
If you’d like to follow the same process I did, go get the 4 fre’e videos that the guys at SEO Networker 3.0  are offering right now.  They just
released their 4th fre’e one and it talks specifically about what I did to do just what I described above.



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