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Worlds leading internet networking company Microsoft Certification exams Trainingproviding solutions to each and every company has traveled a long distance in a short time. Microsoft has introduced many information technology certifications to cater everyday industry needs. These certifications are today dreams of young IT professionals entering the field of networking. It’s worth it having these listed in your resume when you apply for any job. One of these highly worthy certifications is Microsoft 70-483. There is a big demand of such certified professionals in the international job market and they are offered lucrative salary packages.

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Microsoft 70-483 exam deals with the topics related to IP routing, bridging, non-IP desktop protocols, some equipment commands and switch-related technologies. This is basically a closed book exam. If you are already an IT professional then this certifications will not only enhance you current career but it will also offer much better opportunities in the market. Due to high demanding certification Microsoft 70-483 guide and other helping materials for exams are easily available in the market.

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There are many sites which provide information on Microsoft 70-483 exams and provide you study material like Microsoft 70-483 dumps and others. To make a good preparation for this highly professional exam you must have a complete knowledge and for that you must use an authentic source. Crack4sure is the best source to prepare for your Microsoft 70-483 exam for 100 percent results. There are many reasons for using Crack4sure but the best one is the latest May 2019 Microsoft 70-483 Exam questions pass4sure results. There is a long list of students who have passed this certification with the help of Crack4sure and now they are working at that place where they always wanted to be. Crack4sure offers a number of tools to prepare yourself for 70-483 test coming ahead in a full professional way. One of these professionally created tools include 70-483 braindump which helps to know what sort of exam it will be. Information technology experts at Crack4sure design these tools with complete requirement of exams in mind and mental approach of the students of a particular level. All the Microsoft 70-483 Crack4sure books are written to facilitate students in getting the basic concepts and techniques.

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The 70-483 answers in the Crack4sure books are written in detail to explain each and every point and completely answers 70-483 questions that can come in your final exams. Moreover Crack4sure provides you every thing online and you can download anything anytime you want. Books are available in Microsoft 70-483 pdf format so they can be downloaded and used easily. Now you can also get help from the 70-483 book which is available in audio format. Besides this another reason to use Crack4sure is the 70-483 lab tests which you can give to enhance your technical skills.

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No one else except Crack4sure assures you 100 percent ratio with its value pack. This value pack offers complete 70-483 training to get top grades. This value pack is specially designed and includes things like 70-483 real exam questions as well as 70-483 notes to clear certain points that are complicated in the syllabus. Another key feature that makes Crack4sure’s value pack important is that is has all 70-483 simulation in it that are very important. These important features in the Crack4sure value pack has increased its importance for passing Microsoft 70-483 test with top ranks.

The 70-483 Real Questions guarantees with Crack4sure value pack is the hottest issue among information technology professionals and it’s been on the top list of 70-483 forum for discussing network related issues. This is the only easiest way to get excellent results in your highly professional and demanding certification exam.

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus And Review

So What Is SEO Networker 3.0 All About?

In a nutshell, lets’s talk about SEO Networker 3.0content, the free stuff and then what you get when you buy it.

SEO Networker 3.0

SEO Networker 3.0

Free Stuff – This part is divided into 4 main parts, all relating to traffic, and lead generation.  Starting from the continuoum of less converting traffic, with such things as PPV (Pay Per view) all the way ranging to SEO, which quite honestly has some of the best sales and lead converting traffic on the planet.

Click here right now to get your own copy of SEO Networker while it lasts

The paid course specifically focuses on SEO and how to use it in the home business industry, and will include 6 major components:

#1 An Introduction to SEO

#2 Competitive Analysis for SEO

#3 On-Page Optimization

#4 Off-Page Optimization

#5 The Definitive Guide To SEO Tools

#6 SEO Ultimate Strategy For Home Businesses

Here is a quick video on what the course is about, along with the bonus I am offering:

So What About The Bonus?

OK, let me be quite frank here, you aren’t going to find a bonus like this anywhere else in the network marketing industry.  Some will offer you “social media” bonuses and whatnot, but no one, quite honestly will help you get MORE out of this course than I will.

My “day job” so to speak is that I run a successful Denver SEO company, and am the owner and chief operator of it.  I do SEO for a living, getting my clients ranked for extremely competitive keywords from all different kinds of niches.

In addition to that, I have sites that are ranked AT THE TOP for the home business industries most competitive phrases.

Here is are some quick screenshots of those rankings of my own sites

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 1

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 1

That is this site, ranking between #3 and #4 for the keyword phrase “network marketing”, which over 1800 people look up every day on Google alone.

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 2

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 2

Again, this site, ranking #1 for the keyword “funded proposal” one of the foundations of online network marketing today.

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 3

SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus 3

Again, TWO page 1 listings for the keyword phrase “network marketing leads“, one from this site, and another on a video from Youtube. (I’ll teach you how to do that as well)

SEO  networker 3.0 bonus 4

SEO networker 3.0 bonus 4

Another “little” site of mine, ranking #2 for “mlm business“.

As you can see, all kidding aside, I know SEO, and what it can do for you.  I want to help you achieve the same if you are willing to reach out, grab my hand and dig in a little and do some work.

The SEO Networker 3.0 Bonus

If you buy this through me, in addition to all of training you receive in there, you’ll get 2- one hour SEO training sessions with me, one on one with you.  One before the “class” starts to get you started out right, and the final one “after” the class is over, making sure you got the most out of it, and clarifying all of the points made in the class.

Plus, unlimited email access to me to answer your questions going about SEO during course.

Now those are powerful bonuses, and all modesty aside, I wish I had my hands on this kind of SEO Networker 3.0 bonus when I was starting out online.

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Let me lay this out in a different way here what are the pros versus cons of this course and SEO in general?

SEO Pros Versus Cons


-Long term stable traffic technique

– Access to the best buyers on the internet (much more probably for them to buy from you than other forms of traffic such as social media, PPV, craigslit)

– Repeatable  process.  Once you know how to “do SEO” for one keyword, you just keep repeating the process over and over again for different keywords.


– Not an instant source of traffic – Can take upwards of weeks to months to get ranked for keywords that you are targetting

– Competition can be fierce for higher payoff/higher traffic keywords

– You do need to learn certain skills in order to generate leads using this method

There you have it.

OK, here is what to do next to claim your bonus….

1) Go ahead and get your copy of SEO Networker 3.0

2) Forward me a copy of your invoice at efutureenterprises (at) gmail (dot) com

3) We will go ahead and schedule your 1st consultation right away.

That’s pretty much it…..good luck

How I got MLM buyers to look at my biz 21,037 times in 30 days free…

Let me take you back a couple years here…Back when I started marketing my MLM business online,  or the business at all for that matter, what most people were recommending was to spend tons of ca’sh to get your businessin front of potential buyers.***********************Cli-ck here to get fr’ee info on exactly how I got all these buyers to look at my ML’M offer for free ***************************You name it, paid traffic from search engines, hosting events in our house (and usually spending $100 a pop for each onefor “stuff” there), taking people to events, buying leads, you name it.I’ll be honest, it got really really expensive. It almost drove me bankrupt in fact.That’s when I decided to invest a little bit of time in my business for the long run, and stop paying an arm and a leg to get my business in front of potential business builders.Check out how 21,037 MLM buyers looked at one of my sites in 30 days for fr’ee in the image below.

SEO Networker Info

How did it happen?Social Media?Sending out emails to lists?Buying Traffic?Nope, Search Engine Optimization.  And tha’ts just from one of my many MLM sites I own and operate.Check out the image below to see exactly where the ML’M buyer traffic came from

seo networker info 2

Did I pay for that traffic?  Nope, not a dime in fact.Honestly, at this point I spend maybe 3-4 hours a month on that site, and it continues to grow each month…all garnering free traffic andleads for me on auto-pilot.I completely believe this is the best long term way to build your business online, using the internet, hands downIf you’d like to follow the same process I did, go get the 4 fre’e videos that the guys at SEO Networker 3.0  are offering right now.  They justreleased their 4th fre’e one and it talks specifically about what I did to do just what I described above.Cl’ck here to check out the 4 videos right now while they are still available.Questions?

Cash Control – What Is The Cash Control Event All About?

Cash Control – What Is The Cash Control Event All About?

There has been alot of attention in the last few days paid to an even known as Cash Control, but what is it really all about?  That is what this review will be all about.

First, make sure to register now, as spots will be limited.  Register by clicking the link below right now.

To begin with, Cash Control for networkers, is a live webinar, taking place on 16 January, featuring an outstanding lineup of trainers, including: Andrew J. Cass, Ann Sieg, Mark Hoverson, Aaron Rashkin, Ferny Ceballos, Raymond Fong, and Tim Sales, so some of the top producers and earners in various opportunities, coupled with others who have branded, unique products specifically tailored to meeting needs of those in the network marketing industry. (Take a look at the lined below)

Cash Control

Cash Control

Each of these people has had an absolute record breaking year on 2011.

Covered in the webinar as the following information:

– The one big reason that Networkers never achieve their business goals, and no, it has nothing to do with lead generation, or anything like that.

– 5 bold network marketing predictions by this panel of experts for 2012

– The three pillars of what makes a successful network marketing business

– A six step formula for achieving your goals in 2012

Now, specifically the three pillars of success they mention are:

– Productivity- Largely based off of Andres J Cass’s “Productivity Triggers For Today’s High-Performance Network Marketer” training program, this is largely a lesson on time management, eliminating distraction, and squeezing more productivity out of your day

– Profits – Is a lesson on how to engage with prospects through direct response marketing and sell with less resistance.

– Power – This is really the leadership component of the pillars, where once you have the first two established, you can drill down and become a person of influence in your business.

Register for the webinar to find out more about each of those in detail during the actual webinar

The webinar itself is designed as a prelude the actual Cash Control training dubbed: Cash Control for networkers

Cash Control For Networkers

This is a six week intensive coaching program broken down into three phases, based upon the three pillars:

-Productivity: Week 1

– Profits: Weeks 2-4

– Power: Weeks 5-6

This is capped off by a LIVE ‘CASH CONTROL Implementation Boot Camp in Miami Florida taking place after the actual event.

Remember, register for the live webinar right now while registration is still open, by clicking the link below right now