How I got MLM buyers to look at my biz 21,037 times in 30 days free…

Let me take you back a couple years here…Back when I started marketing my MLM business online,  or the business at all for that matter, what most people were recommending was to spend tons of ca’sh to get your businessin front of potential buyers.***********************Cli-ck here to get fr’ee info on exactly how I got all these buyers to look at my ML’M offer for free ***************************You name it, paid traffic from search engines, hosting events in our house (and usually spending $100 a pop for each onefor “stuff” there), taking people to events, buying leads, you name it.I’ll be honest, it got really really expensive. It almost drove me bankrupt in fact.That’s when I decided to invest a little bit of time in my business for the long run, and stop paying an arm and a leg to get my business in front of potential business builders.Check out how 21,037 MLM buyers looked at one of my sites in 30 days for fr’ee in the image below.

SEO Networker Info

How did it happen?Social Media?Sending out emails to lists?Buying Traffic?Nope, Search Engine Optimization.  And tha’ts just from one of my many MLM sites I own and operate.Check out the image below to see exactly where the ML’M buyer traffic came from

seo networker info 2

Did I pay for that traffic?  Nope, not a dime in fact.Honestly, at this point I spend maybe 3-4 hours a month on that site, and it continues to grow each month…all garnering free traffic andleads for me on auto-pilot.I completely believe this is the best long term way to build your business online, using the internet, hands downIf you’d like to follow the same process I did, go get the 4 fre’e videos that the guys at SEO Networker 3.0  are offering right now.  They justreleased their 4th fre’e one and it talks specifically about what I did to do just what I described above.Cl’ck here to check out the 4 videos right now while they are still available.Questions?

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