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MLM Advertising What Is The Best Way To Advertise My MLM Opportunity

by Kurt on April 24, 2009

MLM AdvertisingMLM Advertising and what the best way to advertise your MLM opportunity is a question that many many in Network Marketing have, not just those who conduct internet network marketing.

The best way, in my opinion is to use something known as Pay-Per-Click marketing, or more commonly known as PPC. The best way to generate leads for your MLM opportunity.

Why do I feel it is the best way?  Because you can get your advertising message, literally in front of millions of people within minutes of launching your campaign.

Here is the basic concept with PPC advertising.  You pick where your advertisement is going to show, based upon what “keyword” you want your advertisment to be placed with, and your ad only appears there.

Here is the really cool part though.  As opposed to traditional advertising, you only pay for that advertisement when someone clicks on your ad.  How cool is that?  So you only get someone who is interested in what you have to say, and they want more information about it.  You only pay for them.  Make sense?

Ok, so now where exactly can you actually do MLM advertising with PPC?

The biggest networks, by far where you can advertise on are:




However, there are other places you can advertise on as well, including, for exam

Also, there are tons of places where advertisements show up.  All across the internet, all three networks have something known as their Content Network where literally you can place advertisements on other peoples sites.

You can even buy advertising space directly from relevant web sites!

The best places to start out are advertising on either Google, or Yahoo.  Each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Google by far has more traffic, however Yahoo has much less restrictive on the kinds of websites that can advertise on them.

Ok, so more about actually how to do MLM advertising with Pay Per Click in the next few posts.

Here is a great free place to start learning something about network marketing lead generation with PPC, its called the Google Adwords learning center, and has alot of info straight from the horses mouth, Google.

Just keep in mind that while they are Google, they always don’t know the BEST way to advertise on it.  Great intro information on there though;

If you wanna get started fast, I’ve attached a coupon through the link below for $25 in free advertising through Yahoo below.

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Kurt Henninger
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Best MLM Opportunity May 2, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Thanks for the resource here. PPC is a decent way to gain mlm prospects but its important to make sure you’re not operating beyond your means.


network marketing May 4, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Good post – thank goodness for us, there are all kinds of advertsiing options out there. The more creative we get, the better.

network marketings last blog post..6 Ways to Think Like a Bad Ass Successful Entrepreneur


Forez August 2, 2009 at 7:50 am

First of all thanks for the great post!
PPC advertising is really a very powerful method for getting laser targeted traffic for your websites. However because of its popularity and effectiveness the competition is growing on an hourly basis. One that is PPC advertising should constantly monitor his performance on the net and always try to tweak campaigns for a maximum conversion rate. Otherwise one could simply loose his investment in online advertising… Be careful out there and good luck!


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