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Unstoppable Entrepreneur

by Kurt on February 3, 2011

Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Fright, whether fear of the unknown or fear of success, is the biggest reason why small companies stay small. Unable to become an unstoppable entrepreneur due to self-defeating behaviors, the average home business owner languishes, barely above water and hardly ever seeing profits. Jonathan Budd, a man who made more than $10 million before he even turned 26, is trying to counter that pit of negativity so often found in internet network marketing and network marketing in general.

Before we go any further

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Budd’s program is a weekend-long journey that leaves attendees feeling forever altered, for the better. Once the self-hating beliefs and fears are addressed, ideas to a bigger financial future can be implemented. Budd speaks from experience, not anecdotes or flaky theories. Making millions of dollars before the third decade of life is rather impressive. Very few entrepreneurs can say the same.

The bottom line is that the world in an online place. The only thing stopping a business owner from becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur is a feeling. Fleeting feelings are not practical. Real life solutions are.

Yes, many owners are stuck with irritating, repetitive thoughts. “You stink,” or “you’re worthless” or “no one will ever buy your garbage product” fill a person’s mind with constant berating. A successful entrepreneur does not beat up his own personality.

Then there are programs that want to wish success into being without concrete actions. Thinking positive thoughts is great, but nothing ever comes of sitting on an idea. Repeating mantras to yourself is almost as useless as repeating insults, except one results in nothing and the other causes harm. Positive words must be put into motion, and not just any motion, but effective movement.

The most important aspect to online presence is the ability to market, draw traffic, and retain viewers. These are all learnable skills, nothing secretive or happy clappy about them. Principles are also based on precedent, not picked out of a random bag of good luck thoughts.

Mindset is important. Action is imperative. One without the other is equally void. Combining these two attributes results in immediate progress, which is exactly what you will learn with the Jonathan Budd program.

Details about the weekend experience have been hard to find. But the unstoppable entrepreneur program will be life transforming.  Stay tuned for more details.

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James Hicks February 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Thank you for providing such great value! It’s persons like you that make this business worth each and every penny! I hope you continue to be prosperous inside your organization, and constantly remember that consistency WILL win the game no matter what. Most people today fail in this industry for only One reason…and that’s they quit too soon. All of the very best. James


Warren Little - Best Online Network Marketing Systems Success Training February 21, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Glad to see you reveal the mindset issue.


Julia April 9, 2011 at 10:25 am

Great Review,Well Jonathan budd is doing great ,I hope to do the same


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